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    HDlive imaging - Experience realism with volume ultrasound


    HDlive imaging is a new volume ultrasound technology on the Voluson® E8 and Voluson E8 Expert systems that provides users exceptional anatomical realism. This innovative tool provides clinicians the ability to interrogate volumes with a light source which helps increase depth perception, reveal hidden details and can provide a deeper understanding of relational anatomy.

    Illuminating the fine details

    HDlive is enabled through a combination of Voluson advanced volume technologies, skin rendering techniques and a second generation dynamic rendering engine. Conventional ultrasound uses a fixed light source that reflects light off the skin surface. HDlive provides a movable virtual light source and calculates the propagation of light through skin and tissue. The user can freely position the light at any angle relative to the ultrasound volume to illuminate areas of interest. Positioning the light source behind an area will present the effect of translucency.

    HDlive helps provide extraordinary image clarity and can help speed exam time due to the ability to reveal fine details. Viewing HDlive images with patients can help enrich clinicianpatient communication, as well as facilitate a more complete understanding of exam results. Voluson HDlive is helping establish a new level of 3D/4D imaging which can help empower clinicians with increased clinical confidence and improved image clarity.


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